deanna winchester stealing a jar of peanut butter and a loaf of bread and getting caught. she takes the cops by surprise by elbowing one in the nose so hard she breaks it, she spits in their faces and snarls insults at them even when they’ve got her in cuffs and she’s not afraid of them, because anything they do to her dad will do worse when he finds out.

and then deanna winchester winding up at a home for troubled young girls. learning how to grow a vegetable garden, do laundry, clean a home, make meals for a group of people. domestic shit that’s easy and relaxing and she laughs at herself because fuck, if sam and dad could see me now but it turns sour when she realizes that if john could see her now, he might see mary instead of deanna.

ahhhG!HJh1!! deanna winchester’s first kiss!! a girl named robin who wants to travel all over and take pictures, with her long eyelashes casting delicate shadows on her cheeks when deanna pulls away and sees that her eyes are closed. deanna wonders if she’s allowed to touch them, and her calloused fingertips are brushing robin’s cheek and robin laughs sweetly at deanna’s thunderstruck expression, “have you kissed many girls?” and deanna’s mouth flaps open and the words “i haven’t kissed anybody” get lost somewhere between her lips and robin’s. 

DEANNA WINCHESTER GETTING ALL DRESSED UP FOR HER PROM. she finds a dress, she has no idea if it’s fashionable or not but it’s spring green and it holds the curves of her body like it’s a privilege to do so. she practices walking around in heels all day while she and robin spend the whole day trying out different hair styles and doing each others’ make up. and before she leaves she stares at herself in the mirror and sees what could have been, maybe what should have been. she imagines there are no scars on her body and that her hands are soft instead instead of hardened from weapons training and that she has her mother standing behind her with her arms hugged around deanna and resting her chin on deanna’s shoulder and saying “you’re my beautiful girl. you’ve always been my beautiful girl. i love you.”

and then deanna winchester hearing a familiar rumble outside the window and a knock on her door :(((

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deanna winchester with mace and lip balm and knives all jumbled together in her bag, chipped nails and split ends, holding the impala’s keys between her fingers when she walks through a parking lot at night and when it gets hot outside she says fuck it and wears tank tops even though everyone can see the scars on her shoulder from that bullet graze at 13, that bite mark some monster left on her last week, that car accident that almost killed her

deanna winchester growing up without her mom and always wonderstruck, amazed, enchanted by women; deanna winchester watching the other girls in school and always trying to learn their ways but always feeling a step behind.  maybe she looks the part at first but she never masters that braid or learns the coolest boy band’s songs, and the girls’ mothers ask questions in soft hushed voices about her home life, and she lies and lies and lies, and then it’s time to move schools and everything is different all over again

deanna winchester


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my good friend, who is also a distant relation, and an avid cake decorator asked me to design her a Zuko something or other. Flower crowns and “that’s rough, buddy” were the only specifications. Here’s a quick doodle bc I’m gonna try out a couple of things idk



HEY HEY HEY HEYYYYYYYY MY FAVORITE QUEER DRUNK ASSHOLE POET TURNED 450 TODAY (and let me tell you, there is a lot of competition for the title “favorite queer drunk asshole poet”)

BUT as we all know, there is some controversy over who ACTUALLY wrote shakespeare’s plays!

so in order to mark this SERIOUS and LEGITIMATE issue, i have compiled the most likely theories in this comprehensive list:

  • in julius caesar, cassius says, “this is my birthday; on this very day cassius was born.” on that same day, cassius DIES. guess who else was not only born on april 23, but died april 23?? that’s right, shakespeare. english playwright? or ancient roman ghost bent on revenge? YOU BE THE JUDGE.
  • shakespeare married a woman called anne hathaway. BATMAN ALSO MARRIED ANNE HATHAWAY. have you ever seen shakespeare and batman in the same place at the same time??????
  • lived in london? totally encountered prostitutes several times? probably spoke english? william shakespeare……. or JACK THE RIPPER
  • uh, excuse me, an uneducated glovemaker’s son couldn’t possibly have written the 38 works of art attributed to shakespeare. please consider instead this picture of a cat pushing another cat in a shopping cart. you’re welcome.
  • ””“”“”“”“”“president obama????”“”“”“”“” more like PRESIDENT WILLIAMSHAKESPOBAMA. wake UP, america
  • aliens.

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hrrrrrg sometimes I start thinking about girl!dean (whether trans or cis) and i just get so Upset.  I think the only thing that could make me love dean more would be if he were a lady

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The Walking Dead meme: 2 weapons [2/2]:Signature weapon

Title: Say It Aint So
Artist: Mozella
Played: 122 times

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"But I love being scared. I think you’re brave only when you do things that scare you. I’ve always used fear as a motivator. I’m not sure why.”

B U T    I    K N E W    H I M . . .


dean meme /// fanmix + recurring themes /// 3/4 /// listen

01. radical face - holy branches
02. wye oak - family glue
03. lotte kestner - true faith
04. mount eerie - with my hands out
05. bright eyes - false advertising
06. clock opera - lesson no. 7
07. thom yorke - black swan
08. lana del rey - tired of singing the blues
09. the neighbourhood - afraid
10. mikky ekko - who are you, really?
11. amanda palmer & the grand theft orchestra - trout heart replica